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Scholarship Spotlight:
Christie Proscia-Mazzilli

Christie Proscia-Mazzilli has been a recipient of the CCF scholarship since elementary school through present, as she is now a sophomore in high school. Christie remembers the very first scholarship interview at CCF at the age of seven years old. She was sitting at a large table with several members of the CCF Scholarship Committee and she felt shy, but excited. Christie did not fully understand the importance of this interview at the time, but she remembers the feeling that this day would possibly lead to an opportunity to go to the school that she and her family wanted her to attend. When she received the scholarship award letter, she saw her mother’s excitement and realized something big was happening.

Christie’s grammar school had a very large Italian community, and she has been taking the Italian language classes since the start of kindergarten and still continues to as a sophomore in high school. As Christie began touring high schools, she was old enough to realize how expensive tuition is for Catholic high school. She also realized that she would like to pursue the medical field one day, perhaps in pediatric care. When it was time to apply for the CCF High School Scholarship, she had a clear understanding that it would be a dream if she were to be a recipient again. She currently attends Maria Regina High School, has been on Principal’s List since the first quarter of freshman year, is a member of her school’s Italian Club, and belongs to the drama club. Christie enjoys in theater very much because it has taught her teamwork and has given her a passion for performing. She volunteers her time at school by helping at the open house and promoting her high school to prospective students by “shadowing” many 8th graders during her school day. She also volunteered at her old grammar school at their summer camp to work with the younger children in their summer academics.
Christie feels that being a recipient of the CCF High School Scholarship has motivated her throughout the years, even more so now as a high school student as she thinks of her future and wanting to pursue a career in the medical field.