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Scholarship Spotlight: Gianpiero Arnone

When the first signs of COVID-19 hit the world in early 2020 and lockdowns began, people sang to each other from their balconies, banged pots and pans together to show support for modern day superheroes, and came together to support one another. CCF Scholar and St. John the Baptist student, Gianpiero Arnone, was inspired by the generosity of others during this time and wanted to help make a change in his community. During the Spring of 2020 and the first major worldly surge of COVID-19, Gianpiero heard that the food pantry at his church was extremely low on food. In an effort to help, Gianpiero and his sister handed out flyers and organized a food drive in his neighborhood asking his neighbors, family, friends, and others to donate food for those in need of it. With the help of lots of peanut butter sandwiches, they completely fulfilled the need of the panty when its demand was at an all time high.

Even before the pandemic began, Gianpiero spent his free time helping others. On weekends, he volunteers his time to mix both of his passions: basketball and helping people. Gianpiero’s local YMCA has a basketball program where students are paired with fellow students with disabilities and they play basketball together. Every Sunday for seven weeks, Gianpiero is paired with a different buddy who he plays basketball with, partakes in a variety of activities, and together work on maintaining a positive attitude.
Like many students, Gianpiero started his freshman year at St. John the Baptist in person and switched to a hybrid model. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, he was able to maintain an impressively high GPA and is taking all of AP and honors classes. He even ended the year with Magna Cum Laude Honors. He plans to pursue a degree in sports management and follow his dreams of playing basketball.