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Scholarship Spotlight: Jocelyn Orlando

Jocelyn Orlando is a junior at the University of Notre Dame studying Management Consulting, Italian Language, and Peace Studies. The fall semester of her junior year, she decided to attend John Cabot University for a chance to study abroad. With the support of CCF, Jocelyn was able to spend three months in the “Eternal City” of Rome. “Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine, particularly in Italy, and I am extremely grateful to have been able to go there through the help of CCF,” says Jocelyn.


Rome was everything she imagined it would be and more. Beyond the monuments, which there is no shortage of – the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Great Synagogue and the Spanish Steps– Jocelyn was enamored by the culture. During her time abroad she lived in the neighborhood of Trastevere, one of the oldest and most lively residential neighborhoods in Rome. There was a plethora of culture: cafes, bars, restaurants, and stores that continued to charm her. Often, Jocelyn would enter stores, just to browse around and engage with the shop owners. Knowing that every step she took was one of ancient history is something she never took for granted. Shortly into her experience, Jocelyn found a local coffee shop, which had been a goal of hers, called Caffe Trastevere. There the baristas learned her coffee and sandwich order, which made her feel like family and kept her returning. She often connected locations and monuments she passed to films she watched in her Italian Cinema class. This feeling of familiarity, that Rome was home, was her favorite part.

Expanding beyond Rome, Jocelyn spent time frequenting other areas of Italy. She visited Cagliari, Naples, Orvieto, Perugia, Bologna, Milan, Como, Florence, Chianti, and Siena. In Siena, she encountered a small street festival with dancing families and food all over. In Perugia, she went to one of the salumerias featured in Stanley Tucci’s show, “Searching for Italy.” In Florence, she fell in love with the Uffizi Gallery and discovered Renaissance pieces she had only ever seen in pictures.

Overall, the experience exceeded her expectations. She made friendships to last for life through shared travel, meals, dinners, and classes taking place all over the city. Studying abroad has made her more knowledgeable, a savvy traveler, a better friend, but most of all it taught her to deeply appreciate local cultures and expand her awareness of the political, social, and economic contexts in which she lived.