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Scholarship Spotlight: John Schiano

Focusing on your success so fiercely to achieve your goals only so you can give back and help others is not typically in the minds of high school freshmen. John Schiano is an exception to this and is very determined to succeed. While being extremely school oriented, John’s favorite thing is to give back and raise money to help others. During his freshman year of high school, he became President of Xaverian High School’s Italian club. During the club, he, along with his fellow members, plan holiday functions, bake sales, and school events. He also has created the club’s logo and is in the process of making shirts to fundraise for Xaverian. The proceeds of merchandise and event sales are split between supporting his school and the club. John also serves as the Freshman representative for his school’s student council in which he hopes of having a voice for his class. In elementary school, he was Vice President and hopes to do the same one day at Xaverian.

While juggling the Freshman Representative position, President of the Italian Club, and fundraising for his school, John kept his first quarter grades at a nearly 100% average and was awarded the highest honors. His ability to succeed in everything he does is fueled by his passion to be a voice and outlet for others. One of his favorite and most challenging classes is Italian and he has followed the footsteps of his oldest brother and a few of his cousins by being a CCF scholarship recipient. John is inspired by CCF’s scholarship program and the Italian-American community’s desire to give back to their future generation.
One day, John hopes to pursue a career in business and politics. He hopes to combine the two in a way that is focused on giving back to people and is possibly interested in one day going into business with his brothers. Keeping a connection with his Italian heritage is extremely important to John and his family often gets together to discuss business and business ventures which keep him inspired. John looks up to his two older brothers and his extended family members who support him in everything he does and give him advice along the way. Although he claims he sometimes has trouble admitting it, he is indebted to them for teaching him what he knows and hopes to carry on his family traditions going forward.