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Scholarship Spotlight: Richard Jackowitz

By the time he was five, Richard Jackowitz had known he wanted to one day pursue a career in the medical field. As time went on, he grew a passion for animals and his dream of becoming a veterinarian came into fruition. After receiving a CCF scholarship, Richard began his freshman year atStaten Island’s St. Joseph’s By-The-Sea. He chose a pre-veterinary school track program and volunteered at a local veterinarian clinic after school. Over the summer, Richard also volunteered at Vacation Bible School at his elementary school. When he is not spending time with animals, Richard is playing on his high school’s golf and lacrosse teams, riding roller coasters, or spending time with his family His hard work and dedication has led him to maintain a position on the honor roll and receive the, “Most Improved Player,” award on his golf team.

Like many of us, Richard is inspired by community. His Italian heritage taught him the meaning of support and tradition. Richard grew up in the same house his mom grew up in and attends the same school she attended. The support of his family and the Italian culture of his hometown are what keeps him motivated and determined to repay the favor one day. This has created a sense of pride for him which, in turn, infuses a pride in everything he does. As a veterinarian, he hopes one day to give back to his Italian community in the way that he was lucky enough to experience.