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Scholarship Spotlight: Romina Tarnovsky

Kennedy Catholic Prep Student, Romina, loves to try new things and has many varied interests. She loves drawing characters, repairing retro gaming consoles with her dad, taking photos, listening to music, and participating in her school’s clubs. At Italian club meetings, which is her favorite club, the members fill the classroom with Italian flags, eat delicious Italian foods, and discuss all things Italy. She is also very involved in archery and photography club. Photography is a passion of Romina’s. Her favorite things to photograph are bugs and flowers; she is fascinated by things that people normally don’t take the time to look at closely. Romina also is on her school’s debate team and has won about four debates. Her favorite debates she has been a part of include subjects like mental health, current events, and political matters. She describes winning a debate, “like the euphoria you get from completing a challenging video game or getting high marks on a tough test.”

Romina is interested in pursuing a career as an animator, music producer, lawyer, or psychologist. Like her dad, she also hopes one day to be able to repair intricate computers and machines. She spends a lot of time on YouTube watching tutorials to work towards these goals. With her dad and grandpa to look up to, Romina hopes to accomplish many things in life all with a smile on her face just like her family members.