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Scholarship Spotlight: Samantha Fordell

Samantha Fordell is a Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology major and Freshman at St. John’s University. Samantha, a 2022-2023 CCF Scholarship Recipient, has enjoyed every second of her first semester. With her godmother and her godmother's sister being audiologists, Samantha was sure of the path she wanted to pursue. Her goal is to help people communicate with their loved ones and make a difference. She has always been intrigued by a career in audiology but is excited to use the opportunities in her major to strengthen her dreams.

A pivotal moment in her decision to pursue audiology occurred when Samantha spent a day at work with her godmother's sister, who teachers at a school for the deaf. Seeing firsthand the way she interacted with her students and the impact it made, Samantha made it her goal to apply to universities that would enable her to chase her dreams. Since St. John’s was close to home and offers a Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Program, she knew it was the perfect choice.

Samantha has always been passionate about helping others and spent a lot of her time in high school volunteering with her cheer team. Some highlights include Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Making Strides, and Breast Cancer Walk. Samantha says, “bringing a smile to people's faces by walking and cheering them on, is such a rewarding feeling. With volunteering, I realized that I wanted to live my life helping people. Bringing people together strengthens the community.” With this foundation to build from, Samantha’s desire to make a difference only grew stronger.

Samantha is no stranger to teamwork, she grew up as a dancer and pursued cheerleading after elementary school. Samantha made the team in both middle and high school. “Working together as a team helps build relationships and gives you a greater perspective on things. Cheerleading to me is not just a sport; it is a home away from home.” Samantha worked her way up to the varsity competition team. The team went on to nationals, the main goal of most competitive teams. Through fundraising, practicing, and learning how to navigate it all through the pandemic, Samantha said the teamwork was all worth it.

Working as an audiologist requires a lot of team effort and Samantha is well-prepared. She says, “working to achieve your goals will always be difficult, but in the end, extremely rewarding.”