CCF Scholarship Spotlights

The Foundation awards scholarships to students of Italian heritage who can demonstrate financial need and have shown success in their studies and involvement with their communities.

Graduating from school is an achievement that has a profound impact on a student’s life and the lives of their families. We ensure that Italian American students of great promise have the financial support they need to graduate through our CCF Scholarship Program. Read on below for the stories of some of our scholars.

Meet Romina

Romina is interested in pursuing a career as an animator, music producer, lawyer, or psychologist... and  hopes one day to be able to repair intricate computers and machines.

Meet Michael &
Sebastiana Ombrellino

Michael and Sebastiana are inspired by their hobbies and surroundings to make a difference and carry on the traditions of their Italian heritage.

Meet Gianpiero

Even before the pandemic, Gianpiero spent his time volunteering his time to mix both of his passions: basketball and helping people.

Meet Bree

Bree graduated Spring 2021 from Cornell University with a Statistical Science major and three minors

Meet Maria

Maria’s aspiration in life is to become an attorney for her own firm and exonerate the wrongly accused

Meet John

While being extremely school oriented, John’s favorite thing is to give back and raise money to help others

In the coming weeks, CCF plans to roll out more spotlights on some of our scholarship recipients and their successes. Should you have any questions or are interested in participating, please reach out to Madi at or Michelle at

Meet Gabriella

Staten Island native and CCF YAA member, Gabriella Scala, graduated from the University of Connecticut with her bachelor’s degree and is currently working on her doctorate.

Meet Richard

By age 5, Richard knew he wanted to one day pursue a career in the medical field. As time went on, he grew a passion for animals and his dream of becoming a veterinarian came into fruition..